Aspirin vs. Ovarian Cancer – There May be a Preventive Effect

November 3, 2016

Huang et al, 2016: Antitumor and anti angiogenic effects of aspirin PC in ovarian cancer

Teal ribbon symbolizing Ovarian CancerAspirin’s beneficial effects against cancer may extend to ovarian cancer as well. A new study tested aspirin and a cancer drug called bevacizumab against ovarian cancer cell lines and in live mouse models. An aspirin variant called Aspirin-PC, a special form of aspirin modified to reduce injury to the mucosal tissues of the stomach and intestine, was also tested.

This variant was found to have profound anti-tumor activity, slowing the growth and replication of the cancer cells and resulting in 87% less tumor weight and 79% fewer tumor nodes in the live models. Unmodified aspirin, for comparison, reduced tumor weight by 76% and reduced tumor nodes by 69%.

However, the best performing treatment in this study was where aspirin-PC was combined with bevacizumab. This resulted in a massive decrease in tumor weight (96%) and the number of tumor nodes (85%) demonstrating a synergistic effect.

Future suggested experiments include determining whether the great effect of aspirin-PC is due to enhanced platelet activation or another mechanism, and whether ovarian cancer – as has been implied by previous experiments – is especially sensitive to daily aspirin use.