What the Experts Say About Aspirin

Is Low-Dose Aspirin Right For Me?

Uncertain about whether to take daily low-dose aspirin? Your decision depends on several things. This part of the website will help you decide if you should take a daily low-dose aspirin. Read Experts Say Aspirin is Lifesaving Fact Sheet (PDF) for more info about what the experts recommend.

Aspirin: Take it or leave it?

Experts say many men and women 50-69 years of age should consider taking daily low-dose aspirin. Not all people in this age range should use daily aspirin. Ask your healthcare provider whether aspirin is right for you. And don’t forget: aspirin is only one way to prevent heart attacks and stroke.

Deciding if you should take aspirin

You or your healthcare provider can do a “risk assessment” of your heart and brain health. Doing a “risk assessment” measures your likelihood of having a heart attack (if you are a man) or stroke (if you are a woman). If you have a very low risk of heart disease or stroke, you should not take aspirin.

  1. Calculate it
    • Calculate your risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years with a Heart Attack Calculator.
    • Calculate your risk of stroke in the next 10 years with a Stroke Calculator.
  2. Answer questions
    You can answer a few questions to learn about your future chance of having a heart attack or stroke. Read Is Aspirin Right for You? Online Advice Tool to answer questions about whether you should take aspirin.

Aspirin and cancer prevention

Aspirin can help prevent different types of cancer. We know it prevents colorectal cancer in both men and women. Ask your doctor if low-dose aspirin once a day can help protect you against heart attack, stroke and cancer. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether aspirin is a smart move for you.

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