Information for Providers

Straight Talk About Aspirin. Helping Your Patients Decide Whether to Take Low-Dose Aspirin

You and your patients deserve the best health information available from unbiased experts. The Aspirin Project website is designed to provide all the necessary information to help decide about the use of daily, low-dose aspirin to protect against heart attack, stroke and cancer. The Aspirin Project is an initiative of the Council on Aspirin for Health and Prevention, medical and public health professionals dedicated to fostering the appropriate use of aspirin to improve health.

The National Commission on Prevention Priorities reports that counseling about aspirin is one of the most important preventive services clinicians can provide and should always be part of a comprehensive approach to chronic disease prevention.1 Our goal is to encourage discussions about aspirin – to increase use in those who will benefit, while cautioning against it when no benefit is likely. We hope this website helps make it easier for you and your patients to share in this important healthcare decision.