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Minnesota’s “Ask About Aspirin” Initiative

81mg aspirin tablets in a heart shape around Minnesota map

Learn about how the Ask About Aspirin initiative conducted research to explore public and health professional knowledge, attitudes, and behavior related to aspirin. In this Case Study on theMinnesota Heart Health Program’sAspirin-Based Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Initiative, find out how they launched a campaign, focused both on consumers and health professionals, to promote best practices in aspirin use.

Aspirin Could Save the U.S. $692 Billion

CBS This Morning screenshot. A Dose of Reality Study: Aspirin can save lives and health care costs.

Taking an aspirin a day helps prevent heart disease, and a new study found it can have greater long-term economic and health effects. Led by Dr. David Agus, who is also a CBS News contributor, the University of Southern California study concluded that if older Americans with elevated risk of cardiovascular disease take low-dose aspirin every day, it would save 900,000 lives over the next 20 years, improve life expectancy by 0.3 percent (more than 3 months), and save $692 billion in health costs by 2036.

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