Aspirin’s History

Folk Remedy to Wonder Drug

Aspirin is sold everywhere in the world. It’s inexpensive. Many people take it for headaches. But did you know that aspirin can save lives for a few pennies a day? Read Aspirin’s Evolution: Folk Remedy to Wonder Drug Fact Sheet (PDF) for more information.

Origins of Aspirin

In ancient times, doctors gave powdered willow tree bark to women giving birth. It helped relieve their pain. Scientists discovered how to make medicine from the willow bark. They called it aspirin. Today, aspirin is sold everywhere in the world.

Pain Relief Plus

Aspirin was first discovered to treat pain. Doctors then found that it helped with other problems. Platelets—found in the blood—stick together when your blood vessels are injured. When platelets stick together, they keep us from bleeding too much when we are cut. But sticky platelets in the heart or the brain can form blood clots, leading to heart attacks and strokes. Scientists found that aspirin prevents blood clots in hearts and brains by making platelets less sticky. They learned that an old medicine to treat pain could prevent heart attacks and strokes.

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